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雅思口语:traditional product (饺子)

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  “饺子”这种中国传统食物,绝对符合雅思口语“traditional product”的要求,而且一提到这种食物,中国的孩子有太多可以讲。另外,只要把它跟新年联系到一起,答案里就不禁有了喜庆的色彩。虽然你可能会想,考官一听到the Spring Festival会不会想吐…… Well, so what?! 你没有跑题,语言质量OK,发音挑不出毛病,凭啥不给你高分!雅思官方的书籍都教育我们说,要挑自己熟悉的素材讲,而不是要费尽心思impress考官。
  Well, I'm sure you've heard a lot about this traditional product I'm going to talk about, which is Jiaozi, AKA, dumlplings. They are really typical Chinese food.
  They're made of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling. We have a variety of fillings, like pork, chicken and all kinds of vegetables. Dumplings are always made into the shape of a Yuanbao, which is a traditional Chinese form of money. So you see, it means wealth. And I guess that's why Chinese like to eat them during the Spring Festival, 'cause we believe it brings fortune and wealth. Speaking of eating dumplings during the Spring Festival, we actually have a pretty interesting tradition. On Chinese New Years Eve, when we are making dumplings, we would mix coins or peanuts into the filling, and the person who gets the dumpling with a coin or peanut inside, is believed to be lucky and healthy for the whole new year.
  Oh, there are various cooking methods when we prepare dumplings, we can boil them, fry them, or steam them. They can create different textures. For example, steamed dumplings are pretty chewy, and boiled ones are really soft and smooth, and they are my grandma's favorite, 'cause she has lost most of her teeth. And fried dumplings are crisp. They are my favorite 'cause they are super palatable.


  AKA = also known as 例如:
  Antonio Fratelli, aka 'Big Tony'
  dough = a mixture of flour, water, etc. that is made into bread and pastry 例如:
  Knead the dough on a floured surface.
  filling = food put inside a sandwich, cake, pie, etc. 例如:
  a sponge cake with cream and jam filling
  a wide range of sandwich fillings
  texture = the way food or drink tastes or feels in your mouth, for example whether it is rough, smooth, light, heavy, etc. 例如:
  The two cheeses were very different in both taste and texture.
  chewy = (of food) needing to be chewed a lot before it can be swallowed
  crisp = (of food)(also crispy) pleasantly hard and dry 例如:
  Bake until the pastry is golden and crisp.
  palatable = (of food or drink) having a pleasant or acceptable taste 例如:
  a very palatable local wine

重点单词   查看全部解释    
acceptable [ək'septəbl]


adj. 合意的,受欢迎的,可接受的

smooth [smu:ð]


adj. 平稳的,流畅的,安祥的,圆滑的,搅拌均匀的,可

texture ['tekstʃə]


n. (材料等的)结构,特点,表面,基本结构

sponge [spʌndʒ]


n. 海绵,海绵状的东西
vt. 用海绵擦拭,

rough [rʌf]


adj. 粗糙的,粗略的,粗暴的,艰难的,讨厌的,不适的

variety [və'raiəti]


n. 多样,种类,杂耍

range [reindʒ]


n. 范围,行列,射程,山脉,一系列
v. 排

impress [im'pres]


n. 印象,特徵,印记
v. 使 ... 有印

fortune ['fɔ:tʃən]


n. 财产,命运,运气

typical ['tipikəl]


adj. 典型的,有代表性的,特有的,独特的

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